There are places in this world that I feel I know so well, places that raised me up, places that hold the majority of my memories and growth.  Then there are places that my eyes see fresh, places that are unfamiliar and full of surprise, places that leave me feeling I want more time with them.  San Francisco and it’s surrounding countrysides proved to be breathtaking and truly left, in me, a desire to return.  I was overwhelmed by the Redwood Groves within the Avenue of the Giants. These Redwood Trees were so much larger than I imagined and standing beneath them felt nothing less than entirely overwhelming.  I took deep breaths several times while I was surrounded by these Giants, I took deep breaths to try and slow down time because I wanted the experience of being there to last so long.

Great Old Redwood Tree by Josh Coe

I see
The sunrise skies spread wide and bright, below me as night slowly slinks away
From lofty, misty highs; fog and vapour chased by morning’s gaze.
Shadow covers shrink and disappear, ’til crisp, clean air around me
I sway.
Together we are, breathing as one, feeding the world and fed by the sun, yet each tree we are,
One hand bound in earthy glove, and one held high and open.
My branches to the wind bend and shake, a thousand sails
I’ve seen beasts and mice and bugs, play and live in the forest rug of leaves, and mud and twigs
And dew that fall from me, and them, and you.
And I’ve seen plants grow up and die; none got so tall as I, the
And should sky’s wings seek rest, my arms will stretch to meet them; leafy hands round all will bow, ’til sun should rise again. Warm light gently through my fingers dapples, morning melodies ring out and bid my buds to come to flower, gracefully, til