IN Power Coaching

On a Beautiful Thursday afternoon in May, Ali Tomlinson and I met in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia to capture a moment in her life.  Ali is a certified integrative health coach and founder of IN Powered Coaching.  She speaks strongly about the human ability to grow and shift, the ability we have to achieve a more peaceful existence.  I believe Ali will help endless people in their endeavors to improve and find happiness.

Below is an excerpt from one of Ali’s powerful blog posts!

“…In the zone, we are anything but lost. In fact, in a state of flow, it is as if all things are found. The true self is found, and with all things stemming from that authentic truth, only beauty manifests. That beauty might take the form of a PR, an unbelievable play, an incredible piece of art, a game changing innovation, or a new creative recipe that your family and friends love or an exciting change that illuminated your heart along with your immediate corner of the world.”