I had the opportunity from September through November 2014 to travel through China, to visit and perform in 30 Cities. Each very different form one another and each very full of life and growth.

The Following is one of many Journal entries written almost 7,000 miles away from where I’m writing today…

“…No way for me to know exactly how many opportunities I’ve seized and missed on this trip.  No way for me to know exactly how I’ve been changed by seeing, hearing, smelling and navigating so many different cities within one indescribably different country.  No way for me to express exactly how much I love and have missed my life back in the US or how much I’ve loved and have been excited by my opportunity to be here and share this experience with so many beautiful kind faces.  I believe that in the future I will look back on this experience with a feeling of happiness.  Right now I am overwhelmed, a word used by everyone several times on this trip.  As I reminisce about my life so far I see there have been pockets of time where change is happening in “real time”.  The Change is happening at a pace that is calm and without extreme intensity.  This experience in China has changed me.   The process of realizing the world and myself in the world is overwhelming…”